Propulse your website to Infinity & Beyond

After few months, we have made some good progress on our CMS. Now you can manage Mustache partials, manage Restful API, manage components (VueJS, RiotJS, etc...) This CMS is webdesigners/developpers focused. No need to learn a new stack ... come with yours.

We made some efforts to make the website as fast as possible. By example, the Mustache template rendering take a lot of times with complex and deep templates. We were able to reduce amount of time from > 700ms to 3ms using crystal language ! 

We will now work hard on documentation ! 

What' coming next?

  • A nice documentation
  • Comments for blog posts
  • We plan to move storage to a cloud one. We are thinking about using OVH's cloud storage.
  • We also want to redesign the admin UI which is pretty basic right now.
  • Create more samples on how to use the API builder based on ArangoDB.
  • Integrating unsplash API for importing images directly from the CMS
  • Move Ruby code to Crystal Lang 
  happy: 'coding'