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New features

We are still actively working on this CMS and we added a lot of amazing features !

Now you can protect a page or the whole website with basic authentification. (Useful for mockups, private demo) Demo

You can run AQL request on server side then generate a partial with the result. It was doable to run such request before only within components (VueJS, RiotJS, etc...). It should help SEO.

Any change on models are now stored in a git repository ... So we keep any change you made in the CMS.

We are still thinking open sourcing the CMS (core part) when the code will be good enough.

Crystal Lang

After trying to improve the Ruby Mustache implementation, we finally chose the Crystal-Lang one.

With some complex template, Ruby implementation can be very slow (~700ms). For the same template / dataset, Crystal version is around 3ms! It can be faster but we are loosing time by launching binary file.

Crystal is a language which looks like Ruby but is not Ruby. We are thinking migrating a lot of things from Ruby to Crystal when it will hit version 1.