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soliCMS was first a tool for creating basic websites focused on speed and features. So we started building the content editor ... Then we added some great features like caching, components, assets management, etc... Then we finally added an API builder inside the CMS.

Now we have a very powerful CMS extendable with Restful or even GraphQL APIs (thanks to ArangoDB & Foxx)

For any basic page, the CMS & database won't be even hit by the web server because if a cache file exist it will deliver it blazzing fast ! Your website won't be down because of a huge traffic.

In the future, we will use a cluster of servers for serving your content with no single point of failure !

We have a lot of great ideas for this tool ... It's just the beginning.


Work in progress

soliCMS is in an early stage ... We have a lot of great ideas to improve features. Here a list of existing features, and a list of next ones.


  • Multilinguals
  • Multi Users
  • Content editor to manage your content with ease.
  • Layouts editor to allow designers to work on different layouts for specific pages.
  • Components editor to embed VueJS/React/Angular/etc... components in your website
  • API Builder to create Restful or GraphQL APIs with ease ! Deploying API is just easy as clicking on "publish" button !
  • Partials management for overriding basic templates such as Grid system, Carousel, Menus, etc ... So you can use the CSS framework you want : Foundation/Bootstrap/UIKit/ or vanilla one :)

Incoming features

  • Blog management
  • Basic eCommerce system to create a basic eShop
  • User's workflow to define who can edit/publish documents

Litte demonstration of our API Builder

We use ArangoDB & Foxx to build the API. It will allow you to create Restful endpoints very easily. You'll be able to create GraphQL APIs too. 

Editor demonstration

Edit your content with ease. As developper, include raw HTML content, include VueJS/RiotJS components and start creating powerful applications.


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