A new web site is using soliCMS

A new website is using soliCMS alvignac.fr

They like the way to add and edit content ... assets using dropbox, editing text with brackets as plain text or markdown. All content is synchronized using dropbox. Very easy.

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Crystal language

Yesterday I discovered crystal-lang.org

The main goals of this new Ruby like language are :

  • Ruby-inspired syntax.
  • Statically type-checked but without having to specify the type of variables or method arguments.
  • Be able to call C code by writing bindings to it in Crystal.
  • Have compile-time evaluation and generation of code, to avoid boilerplate code.
  • Compile to efficient native code.

I saw some plugins to connect Redis/postgres/mongoDB servers ... I wonder if it can be included in GWAN.

It looks very promising.

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This project is not dead

I still have some great ideas for soliCMS.

I have to admit that it's pretty stable right now. I want to add more SEO tools. Finaly, having an administration part is not my priority.

Allowing markdown is a plus for soliCMS. It will simplify post edition.

I'm gonna write some enhancement features very soon. If you have any ideas, just submit them

soliCMS is still the fastest CMS in the world ! Ok right now, it's more a blog engine than a real CMS ... but be patient :)

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Server Issue

The website was down after a bad update (It was running on Archlinux and now on Ubuntu)

Sorry for the downtime. Some websites are running on this server and everything is ok now.

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Issue with GWAN 4.11.20

This Gwan v4.11.20 has several issue ... The first one is about accessing cookies ! And the second one is that finaly it wasn't able to restart this morning for an unknown reason (core dump)

Moving to v4.12.19

4.12.19 release is not a public release so I won't be able to share it with you for now. The website is up now !

We need to test this version because we saw some weird things ... :(

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